Wednesday, October 29, 2008


On Monday Neil and I started scuba classes to get certified. Since we've known each other we've always talked about it and with an upcoming trip down to Cabo, it seemed like a great time so we took the plunge.  Classes are really fun. They're on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-11 pm. We drive all the way down to Springville to a quaint little dive shop called, SCUBA TED'S.
    For Neil it seems to come super natural. I struggle a bit with equalizing, i think I might be a little more sensitive cuz my ears just kill at only 8 feet down and it takes a lot of equalizing and a gradual pace to get comfortable. Other than that it's fun and exciting and hopefully we can go on some awesome dives in the future. I'll keep ya updated on how things go and let you know if my lungs explode or i get decompression sickness. 


Marci and Gary said...

How fun! Take a picture of Nemo and Dori for me should you come across them.

LisaL said...

Oh, so fun. I hope Spontanious Neumo Thorax is kind to you in the deep waters Neil. I'm not too worried, a mom I do think about it! I love you guys!

Bevany said...

Hey Felicia-
I found your blog from Hilary's. I'm a total blog stalker...hope you don't mind. You guys are a cute couple...I love the journal entry from your husband.

Erika said...

Man I'm jealous. Can prego people scuba dive? Probably not. Darn. He gets to scuba dive in ME for NINE MONTHS. Of course I don't think there's much to see in there. Anyway thanks again guys for playing with my kids the other day!!!!!!!