Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The car is a 1916 Chandler.

I'm very proud of Mr. Neil and his crazy dedication to his dreams. He is so devoted and since I've known him I just see his focus and enthusiasm grow exponentially. He always has an idea formulating or a project in the works.
The past couple months he's put so much time, sweat, blood, agony and pleasure into a music video for a band called HEART PHARMACY. Pictures and comments have been floating around facebook so I'm not going to post them. Hopefully it will only be in Post Production for another month or so and then can see the finished project!
I'm excited to see where his dreams take him and I want to be supportive and helpful the whole way!
Also, I'm very excited to meet my new nephew who was born on Saturday! Congrats Nate and Erika! It's their 3rd kid! I can't believe it! Now their family is getting pretty big: Jenna, Carter and now LOGAN. YAY!


Jamilyn and Clark said...

That project and the set and everything looks so cool. What a fun field to work in. I want to see the finished product. Felicia, that post that Neil made about the things he loves about you is so cute. Did he think to do that all on his own? Good job Neil!

LisaL said...

Felicia, you are Neil's greatest supporter. You are awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product! Neil, everyone is waiting! I love all the pictures.