Monday, July 20, 2009

2 YEARS yo!

Two years now for Neil and I, and it's me (Felicia) writing this, and it honestly feels like I've been married to this guy for centuries! I think it's because we've done so much! I love this kid with all my heart and I'm so happy to be with him. He's such a good little buddy to hang out with all the time and deal with my 4 year old-ish-ness. It's kinda cool what we've done in 2 years, well it is to me, so let me bore you with our dreams, accomplishments and goals. Before you ask when we're going to have kids, we have to visit every continent (maybe not Antarctica) and we've only hit up 2 so far (with 10 countries). We've bought a house, that's kinda a milestone to us, but the whole mortgage thing is a doosie! We're still heavily involved in film making and Neil somehow got me more interested in film making and watching than I ever thought I would be. We love it! uh-oh... i think i've ran out of dreams, accomplishments and goals.. haha! that was ambitious. Anyway, I sure do love that Neil, he's a funny cuss and I'm excited to hang out with him FOrEVeR! Wish us luck! ;)


Erika said...

If Felicia's 4 years old than Neil is still in the womb.

Ha ha! Happy anniversary! I love you guys!

I wish I was as into my husband's passion as you are into Neil's. Sports? Nah.

LisaL said...

You have done a lot in your two whole years together. It has been a pleasure to have you in our family for two whole years! I love you both!