Monday, August 24, 2009

Final thoughts on Ace Enders project and the Premiere

Neil's last music video for Ace Enders', "When I HIT the GROUND" premiered about a week ago on It's been an interesting experience to be a part of this project. I was involved with pre-production and the actual filming days and that was the easy part! This whole project came about because of Neil's long term fanaticism with the band, The Early November. The Early November has since broken up and the lead singer and bass guitarist along with a new guitarist and drummer have become ACE ENDERS AND A MILLION DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Neil wanted to do their music video and established a relationship with band's manager and one thing lead to another.. blah blah blah. Neil wrote up a treatment (script for music videos) that was rejected by the band, but I LOVED the treatment, it was so creative, artistic, and intriguing. The band had a different agenda. Their vision was more about sending a message to their audience and relevance was their priority, so of course the world's economic crisis was the subject. Kudos to Ace! Trying to make a difference in the world and send his message. Poor Neil had to work with a complex story that HAD to be split screen and HAD to be and easily followed story. Freaking IMPOSSIBLE task! He spent every waking moment of every day, stayed up way LATE every night and edited the crap out of this video. After all the pain and horror I think he came out on top. After it premiered on, we quickly realized this video was under public scrutiny! Blogs and forums filled with people's opinions and honest they were! It's been fun and a great learning experience to see people's good and bad comments about it. We think for the most part people liked it, and the bad comments? haha! they're kinda funny and definitely make us think.
Posted here is the shockhound link and then one of the forums we enjoyed called Feel free to leave comments :).

We both really enjoyed this project and the crew, cast and band were just a dream to work with. We're grateful for what we learned and the friendships we gained! Now moving forward to the next project that's awaiting us (and when I say "us" I mean Neil)!


Marci and Gary said...

love it so much! looks like you got some really good compliments for the video! we're so proud!

Erika said...

It was fun reading all the comments about the video!! I'm glad people get it and like it, I LOVED it!!! I think for your first music video Neil you did phenomenal. Really. And Feli i know you do way more than you give yourself credit for!

LisaL said...

I am a proud Mama! Way to go Neil and Felicia!