Sunday, December 27, 2009

We gone and done stuff

We made creepy faces at cameras.
We ran ships aground in the Bahamas.
We had a great christmas in the new house.
We made a silly commercial for the Larry H. Miller theaters.

We smiled and schtuff.

Peace and Love everybody. Have a good and safe New Year! Cheers.


LisaL said...

Yes, you have gone and done some STUFF! You are always doing stuff. Exciting lives you two lead. I am glad I am a part of your lives. Love ya!

Carly said...

love it all! your pictures are all so good...cant wait to see the larry h miller stuff! do you get free movie tixx fo life??

Johnson Family said...

Love the pics! And Feli you look especially gorgeous in the picture of you and Jimmy by the tree! Anyway, love you guys!