Thursday, February 25, 2010

A lil update I guess.

My friend John Nolan came on tour a few weeks back. He stayed at our house for a few days during the tour with his wife Camille, and another band called The Mansions. We had a grand old time with them, except for one thing. He made the conference call where Straylight Run officially broke up in my house. He was in the next room on the conference call and I suddenly felt responsible and wanted to run into the room and hang up the phone and scream, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? STRAYLIGHT RUN IS ONE OF THE BEST BANDS ON THE PLANET!! THIS IS WRONG!!!"

I didn't do that, but should have. John Nolan is now pursuing a solo career and I have faith it'll be successful. He left Taking Back Sunday and formed a better band, and hopefully his new endeavors will take him to greater heights. I was lucky to able to direct one of his music videos last October. It was recently released on AOL as video of the day. If you haven't gotten a chance to see it, you might want to take a look here.

Oh, one other thing regarding their stay. After the concert we were in my living room talking and hanging out when we heard the loudest bang on the ceiling I've ever heard. We ran around trying to figure out what it was but never could find an explanation. Maybe my house is haunted, or a bum is living in the attic.

I snapped this picture of my cute lady on a lazy Sunday. Gosh I love lazy Sundays.
We ran down to Las Vegas to win money. (We did) ($5) Here's Feli looking at the Bellagio fountains.
We also cruised down to the bahamas and went scuba diving. Such a good time, every time.

That's all.

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LisaL said...

I like your lil update. It is about time! I love Felicia's picture. I love you two!