Monday, July 5, 2010

What it is.

Here are some things we've been up to.

The girls and I went to Moab for a weekend thing.

Neil, jimmy and I went to Moab for a little weekend thing too. We got Jimmy swimming and I think he likes it now!

I've failed to mention that my Neil's work is on the big screen! Have you seen it? Now playing at every Larry H Miller theater. Neil directed, edited, etc the 'silence your cell phone' ad played before each movie.

We're contracted to do a few more for Spring Mobile/Larry H Miller theaters. We're heavily involved in pre-production for the next one. We're headed to Washington at a historical seaport. More to come!


Erika said...

Hey I might steal a couple pictures, I keep meaning to post about Neil's ad on my blog too, it is way too awesome not to post!!

LisaL said...

Yay, for Jimmy swimming. Yay, for Moab. Yay, for Spring Mobile and Larry H. Miller and YAY, for Neil and Felicia! I love you guys and I was thrilled to see a blog update!