Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pirate Production Picturesd

the pirate commercial is due in all Larry H. Miller theaters on Nov. 11. Arg. Here are more production photos. We chartered 2 1700's tall ships to sail from the coast of Roach Harbor, WA through deception pass, to Cornet Bay. We were filming a pirate battle between the two ships, which meant we got to use the cannons. It was an amazing experience and the ship crews were awesome.

Here we are meeting the ships at Roache Harbor, it was a beautiful morning. Kind of surreal. Meeting up with 300 year old ships, crew in costume to film a pirate battle.

Felicia produced the entire production. She's the one who made it happen.

Hauling gear to the ships.

what a peaceful morning.

helping greg, the DP set up the camera.

felicia sure is happy about something, and greg sure is enjoying his coffee and naked chin.

We decided Skyler looked better without the wig...

alright greg, this has to be 4.5k, 2.934 fps with 240 degree shutter. Do you understand me?

trying to choreograph the first battle.

greg was tired of carriying around the 40lb camera on a rolling ship, so I decided to try and get some b-roll.

they started firing the extra cannon blasts in deception pass. I decided to shoot them in super slow motion, and ended up getting some awesome footage. Too bad it doesn't fit into the commercial edit.

Our movie star Skyler got a little sun after a hard day's work jumping over canons and dodging swords on a tall ship. we roped him into doing this against his will.....

it was such a great experience to live amongst 1700's sailors for a day on these beautiful ships!

watch for our pirate commercial for Spring Mobile in all Larry H. Miller theaters on Nov. 11th.
Happy Halloween yo.


LisaL said...

Yay, a new update to read! I loved the play by play pictures and I can't wait for this commercial to be in the theaters! Hurry up Nov. 11th!

Marci and Gary said...

So bummed we couldn't be there to see the action! The commercial looks great! Wooooohoooooo!!!