Sunday, December 7, 2008

Neil and Felicia Scrooge

I can't believe it's Christmas time!  Neil and I are not being very festive. It's actually starting to make me sad! We don't even have a Christmas tree! We  are so busy this month, we're finding it hard to even find some time to sleep. Thank goodness we're leaving for Cabo San Lucas tomorrow! I think we're both excited for some warm weather, relaxation, fun with the Larson family, and a bit of scuba. As soon as we get back we have our six swedish guest coming to stay with us for 5 weeks or so. We're super excited to spend some time with them and ski our hearts out! 
Last night we went on the Polar Express with the Johnson side. Bridger came down with something and was super sick. I felt so bad for him! We still had a ton of fun and it helped get us in the Christmas spirit a little more. Kayley and I had to get up in front of everyone and sing Jingle Bells which was super embarrassing. So here are some pics from that and hopefully we'll come home with some cool adventures to talk about from Mexico.

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