Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh the crazy swedes

So, we have 6 swedes living with us in our little apartment.  Not for one week, or two, or three weeks.  FIVE weeks we get to enjoy their company.  It's actually already been three crazy weeks full of craziness.  Don't get me wrong, we've enjoyed having them around.  We're just not used to such a busy household.  They were here for christmas.  That was fun.  Here are some pics.

Here's feli opening a present while sitting on the arm of a couch.  She's wearing grey sweatpants and a red shirt.  That present was a red hoodie from the swedes.  it was cute.
this is the youngest swede residing at our home.  His name is Filip and we call him mr. aggressive.  he is three and can do pull-ups by himself.  bet you couldn't do pull-ups at 3 yrs.
christmas morning with some naked swedish children.  you might notice the swedish ski magazine on the coffee table.  it's a good one with an article about a swedish rapper who is an avid skier.  his name is petter.  yes, with two t's.  
notice the air mattress sitting up by the wall.  that's for oscar.  he gets to sleep in the living room at night.  he says it gets cold.  he started wearing a beanie to bed.
we took a small trip up to jackson hole to ski.  the new tram is great, but it was -10 degrees at the top.  my mustache froze.


Marci and Gary said...

pretty much naked swedes make me laugh really hard

LisaL said...

A lot of company for a little apartment. Is it tradition for swedes to open presents without clothing? Hopefully Oscar, if he gets cold sleeping in the livingroom has clothes on too and not just a beanie! If he gets his clothes on then maybe he wouldn't be so cold at night. JK!

Michael said...

What the devil?! Ha ha ha. I guess Marci and I share the same sense of humor when it comes to naked Swedes. Your apartment must have been pretty warm for young children to going roaming in naught but their skin. But then again...they are from a freaking cold country.