Saturday, February 28, 2009

The worst adventure yet!

Last night Neil and I jumped in the car and headed for L.A. for some film school scouting. Because we had to wait for me to get off work, it was a late start and we stopped in Mesquite for a night. We got a crappy hotel room and crashed around 11:30 pm. Come 1:30 this morning, Neil was in that nasty bathroom barfing his brains out. He didn't stop until noon today. Obviously, we just jumped in the car and headed back North home to SLC. Neil was too sick to drive his Subaru so I took the wheel. The only problem is, I must have missed the day when they taught "DRIVING A STICK SHIFT!" Neil was passed out in the passenger seat and I was sweating bullets at the wheel trying to figure out that dang clutch! I would wake him up to shift for me, and coming into SLC-- YEAH! i almost killed us. Somebody was watching out for us because I'm sitting in the comfort of our little apartment now. I'm glad we're home! Blah! 

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Carly said...

OOOOOOOOOOOH MYYY GOOOOOOOOSH!!!!! im so sorry!!!! that sucks so bad!!!!