Monday, February 16, 2009

My great wife

Everyone who knows Felicia knows how sweet she is.  There is just something about her that can't be explained.  I've been thinking about all the sweet things she does for me and the list goes on and on.  Here are some of the things that make felicia the best person to live with.

-She wakes me up every morning with a kiss and a huge smile.
-When she gets excited she'll hug you and wiggle her whole body.  I love the "excited wiggles"
-She just breaks out at random times and dances.
-When she's really tired she'll go around the house on all fours like a dog.  All the time I'll feel something hitting my legs and when I look down it's Feli's head.
-She falls asleep every time we watch a movie and I carry her to bed.
-When it's a really good movie and I ask her not to fall asleep because I want her to see it, she stays awake.
-She calls me at work just to tell me she loves me.
-Every night before we go to sleep she says, "You're a monkey and I'm a kitty and we're in love".  Weird I know.

Feli is really the perfect wife and I love her.


Carly said...

This is soooo cute!!! I know how sweet felicia is too. she is always offering me food and making sure my cravings dont go unsatisfied. She really is the sweetest!

Adam and Ashley said...

I am a giraffe and ashley is a rabbit and we love you both. what kind of weird family is this????

Larson said...

oh jeez! i only said it like once! i know it's weird! thanks Carly! this is an embarrassing post, but thanks Neil!

Erika said...

I want to see you walk around on all fours when you're tired, too Felicia. hee hee.

LisaL said...

A melt my heart blog Neil. I love Felicia too. I love her because she wakes you up each morning like I had to for 18+ years! Only she sounds nicer in the wake up call then I ever was! I love Neil very much too!