Monday, January 5, 2009


We're lovin' the snow and Neil's lovin' his new skis! So far we've had a happy, healthy ski season and I hope we can make it to spring with no broken legs. 
The swedes went on a mini vacation to california for a week so Neil and I are enjoying the peace and quiet. Suddenly our little 2 bedroom apt seems so big and roomy! It's nice to have a little break but we kinda miss them too! 


Carly said...

i wont tell you were skiing instead of being sick ;) jkjk i am jealous

Larson said...

oh come on! i was not skiing yesterday. i'm too poor right now, i promise!

Jamilyn and Clark said...

I'm jealous of all that skiing too. I wish we could go every day. I don't know how you are handling 6 extra people in your place. We've had 3 people spend the night and it was pretty cramped. Especially with just one bathroom in the morning. You're blog is way cute, I'm glad you found us!